New Version of the QuickBooks Online REST API Integration From the Foundation


With in excess of 6,000 dynamic applications making in excess of 1 billion API calls every month, Intuit has uncovered that it is taking a shot at another QuickBooks Online API Integration.

The new API, which is being created as Intuit takes a shot at the following rendition of QuickBooks Online, named v4, will contain enhancements construct to a great extent with respect to criticism gave by Intuit’s clients.

Why ASP.NET Website Development Is Best Suits For Large Applications

As Intuit’s Jarred Keneally clarified, “we have been working with a modest bunch of organizations to enable us to consider the outline and utilize cases that empower designers to tackle essential private company issues and broaden the abilities of QuickBooks Online.”

4 Thought for Choosing the Best Accounting Software Integration

To date, Keneally says that Intuit has talked with many designers to acquire input about the QuickBooks Online API, and also the devices and documentation the organization offers engineers. It has additionally settled a devoted group that is centered around the “voice of engineer.” According to Keneally, “this present group’s main goal is to work exclusively on outsider designer detailed issues and upgrades.”

Since Intuit needs to help the current v3 rendition of the QuickBooks Online API while it chips away at a totally new one, it has additionally made an outer bug tracker to help designers. Per the tracker, Intuit has squashed about 50 v3 bugs and executed four new element improvements.

Half of SMB’s Increased Their Productivity After Integrated Woocommerce with Quickbooks Online API


Why ASP.NET Website Development Is Best Suits For Large Applications

Why ASP.NET Website Development Is Best Suits For Large Applications

ASP.NET is a server-side technology built on the common language runtime you can use on any windows server to host powerful ASP.NET internet sites and technologies.

Important advantages of ASP.NET offers over other Web development models:

  1. ASP.NET greatly reduces the quantity of code necessary to build large applications.
  2. With built-in Windows authentication and per-application construction, your applications are safe and secure.
  3. It offers better performance by firmly taking benefit of early on a binding, just-in-time compilation, local marketing, and caching services right from the box.
  4. The ASP.NET platform is complemented with a wealthy toolbox and developer in the Aesthetic Studio included development environment. WYSIWYG editing and enhancing, drag-and-drop server controls, and automatic deployment are simply several features this powerful tool provides.
  5. Allows simplicity as ASP.NET makes it easy to execute common jobs, from simple form distribution and consumer authentication to deployment and site construction.
  6. The source code and HTML come together; making ASP.NET internet pages are easy to keep up and write. Also, the source code is executed on the server. This gives a whole lot of electric power and overall flexibility to the net pages.
  7. All the procedures are closely checked and been able by the ASP.NET runtime so that if a process is useless, a fresh process can be created in its place, which helps maintain the application constantly open to handle requests.
  8. It is simply server-side technology so, ASP.NET code executes on the server before it is delivered to the browser.
  9. Being language-independent, it gives you to find the words that best pertains to the application or partition the application across many dialects.
  10. ASP NET produces easy deployment. You don’t have to join up components because the construction information is built-in.
  11. THE NET server constantly displays the internet pages, components, and applications working on it. If it notices any storage area leakages, infinite loops, other illegitimate activities, it immediately damages those activities and restarts itself.
  12. Easily works together with ADO.NET using data-binding and web page formatting features. It really is a credit card application which operates faster and counters large quantities of users with no performance problems.

To successfully execute your .net projects, you do not only need an asp net programmer, you need a team of ASP.NET developers that can utilize the latest technologies, adopt well-defined strategies to develop your concepts into fully functional solutions, provide exceptional support. If you are need of enterprise-grade solutions, hiring a dedicated team of. Net MVC developers from Satva Solutions can be the best option.

Satva solutions is a skilled ASP.NET development company, supported by a solid talent pool of over 50+ programming experts. We design full-cycle bespoke ASP.NET solutions that deliver features and generate astute user-experience. Our ASP NET programmers have delivered premium quality work in ASP.NET software development across various industry verticals. You can expect solutions that increase your productivity and help you to accomplish your organizational goal proficiently.

We utilize latest scientific knowledge and industry guidelines to ensure that the deliverables are reliable and scalable. With the right mixture of cost-effective management alternatives and impressive way of thinking, we create ASP.NET solutions that effectively support your development workflow.

The dedicated ASP.NET programmers at Satva Solutions have got comprehensive technical know-how and deliver high-end .NET applications that meet various business requirements and provide added value for businesses. Employing the service of dedicated .NET coders from Satva Solutions on regular or hourly basis will give your company the freedom to concentrate on core business activities. Hire us today and get efficient service that provides measurable success.

Why Ionic Mobile Apps is in Low Budget and Time Shaver – Know Advantages

ionic mobile app development company services solutions

What is Ionic Mobile Apps Development?

Ionic is a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development. designed on prime of AngularJS and Apache Cordova, Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps exploitation webs technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. Apps are often designed with these web technologies then distributed through native app stores to be installed on devices by leverage Cordova. Ionic was created by grievous bodily harm kill, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013.

Ionic Creator is a drag-and-drop interface building tool. App Builder for Ionic is additionally provided by

Key Features of Ionic Mobile App Development

Ionic facilitates building hybrid apps using HTML5 due to its open-source framework and additionally it’s fully free. the utilization of Angular JS creates it good for developing extremely interactive apps and it’s an excellent range of tools and services that make running Ionic app fairly straightforward.

Ionic comes with CLI that helps mobile app developers build and check Ionic apps on any platform. It permits users to scroll through thousands of lists with none performance hits. Users are able to create their own apps, customize them for Windows or Android and deploy through Cordova.

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What are the Advantages of Ionic Framework?

1. Cross-Platform Usability

The Iconic framework is compatible with all mobile platforms and might be optimized for various mobile operating systems. Developing code is considerably easier and quicker since Ionic is easily integrated into Angular JS to set up code structure. This results in developing new ideas faster and on lower investment.

2. Friendly User Interface

The Ionic framework incorporates key ideas like Java Scripts and CSS components to optimize facilitate straightforward to use interfaces in any mobile application. components like navigation tabs, sliding menu, buttons, lists, form inputs, pop-ups and prompts are terribly simple and sleek and simply tailored for a specific mobile app.

The Ionic framework, therefore, creates stunning and interactive user interfaces in a very remarkably short amount of your time.

3. Free and Open Source Framework

Since Ionic is open source, Ionic app developers can customize the completely different appearance and feels on varied mobile operating systems without acquisition large prices. Ionic gives codes of CSS, JS and HTML components that scale back the necessity to rewrite code for a replacement mobile operating system. Ionic’s straightforward integration with Angular JS facilitates easier and higher code structure creation.

Developing apps for Windows, Android and iOS is so quick and straightforward to try and do. Building apps move quickly from development to the market and this boosts selling and creates awareness and popularity of apps. Ionic helps to avoid wasting cash, time and efforts.

4. Feasible and Easy Development of Cross Mobile Apps

Developing an app quickly is important in today’s mobile app aware generation. the opposite thought is that app development needs to be compatible across all mobile devices. Ionic has excelled in developing apps with efficiency, using standard tools with a single coding base that saves cash, time and effort and provides an integrated look and feel.

5. Based on Angular Js

The Ionic framework is predicated on Angular JS compatibility which then broadens the convenience and practicality of the Angular framework to make creating mobile apps easy as pie. As of these days, Angular JS marks the foremost favorite JavaScript framework presently in use and is backed by Google.

Share this blog on your social profiles – I hope you enjoy my blog and now enough clear about Ionic mobile app development and its glorious advantages which is really helpful to all business who want business with low investment mobile application.  Here I am suggesting Satva Solutions for the Ionic mobile app development company.

4 Thought for Choosing the Best Accounting Software Integration


Choosing an accounting software integration company is one amongst the foremost vital choices you’ll make as a business owner.

The right solution can assist you to manage financials and maintain correct income visibility in any respect times. whether or not you manage your own books or source to a businessperson, smart accounting needs collaboration from all parties. That’s why it’s a near-necessity for businesses to use an accounting platform that lives in the cloud.

But cloud readying is much from being the only thought. Do your analysis before creating a variety and judge that options and capabilities come to your business. Don’t create an investment in a platform you may outgrow or stop using this time next year.

What is Application Programming Interface (API) Integrations and It’s Precious Benefits for All Businesses?

Why Every Online Business Needs Rest API Integration Services?

There is a range of things you ought to consider:

1. Security

If you’re putting sensitive financial information in somebody else’s hands (i.e. the seller who manages your cloud server), you would like to create certain they’ll be trusty to handle it with care. That’s why an appropriate accounting platform ought to have multiple fail-safes in place to make sure your data is secure — encryption is the least of them. determine whether or not the provider you’re considering contains a security response team that tracks suspicious activity and once that team is active.

You should additionally raise what kind of backup systems the seller has in place. in the case of a hardware failure or a natural disaster, will your business still operate with borderline impact? Don’t accept a platform that doesn’t supply two-factor authentication. protective the protection of your business is all regarding selecting technology and suppliers that put client security at front-and-center. That said, don’t neglect your own PC hygiene: keep anti-virus software system installed and up-to-date, and use a password manager to encrypt and randomize passwords across all of your applications.

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2. Anywhere, Anytime Access

Thanks to the proliferation of cloud software suppliers like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, ZohoBooks, AWS, Azure, it’s simple to take present access without any consideration. You wake up and check email on your phone. You deposit checks without getting to the bank. You shop online whereas you’re looking ahead to an Uber. Cloud accounting software should provide a similar kind of accessibility for your business’ books. the best platform can offer access to their application through multiple devices and in operating systems. Apple iOS, Android, Windows PCs, and Mac computers should all be supported — either through native apps or a web interface that adjusts to screen size.

A cloud-based platform may assist you to keep in-tuned and collaborate together with your accountant or financial consultant. If you’ve got a matter, they will dive into your books quickly — perhaps run a fast report and share it with you — while not creating a special trip to the workplace.

3. Customer Support

Even business owners (especially business owners) would like an assist typically. If you come upon a tangle together with your accounting software package, it’s vital to understand that your vendor can offer free, unlimited, 24/7 client support, which they treat their customers well.

These days, it’s exhausting for a company to cover unhealthy client service. due to the prevalence of social media, companies and their service records area unit a lot of clear than ever. the bulk of cloud accounting suppliers provide an online community of support forums. you’ll be able to check these move in advance to induce an idea of however a corporation answers queries and responds to complaints.

4. Integrations and Add-Ons

Your accounting platform should go so much on the far side an easy ledger, a minimum of if you’re paying for it. Ideally, it’ll integrate with the opposite tools and systems you utilize to run your business. Having a comprehensive ecosystem is part element} of what makes an accounting platform property and capable of delivering ROI. For example accounting software integrated with payroll and human resource management means that you’ll be able to export hours worked and order checks while not bouncing around between many completely different workflows.

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As your business grows, you’ll be able to decide and select the correct technology supported your goals, instead of being barred into a system that doesn’t account for your desires. Vendors that provide native add-ons and extensions and also the ability to simply upgrade product tiers can higher support that growth.

You can considerably improve your business’ profit and efficiency by selecting a modern accounting solution with the correct features, the correct price, reliable security, and space to grow. The key’s to understand your needs, do your analysis, and obtain a second opinion.

What is Application Programming Interface (API) Integrations and It’s Precious Benefits for All Businesses?


API stands for Application Programming Interface. API used for the software-to-software interface, that enables applications to speak to each other without the user knowledge or intervention. In its essence, API is a bit of software code, written in the string of XML messages.

API is among the radical innovations in the market of software development. It has made a huge effect on the way we use and assemble various web applications, enabling them to communicate with each other and consequently, use the part of one another’s functionality.

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Both users and developers feel the impact of API on the daily basis. Every app or application should leverage to stay competitive in markets that are current. The reason for this being the skill of an API to create a whole new kind of web presence and also make your information accessible to other applications that are private and public, along with allowing you to incorporate with that application that also provides an API.

There are lots of companies out there which assemble applications and applications that rely on pulling information from APIs that are open to help streamline a business process in a few manners that are new.

APIs possess the potential to transform businesses. Conventional strategies rely on big sales paperwork, forces along with other time-consuming, expensive and dated measures to run their companies, and also the practice is becoming less sustainable all of the time.

With APIs business can integrate Payment Gateways (PayPal,, Google Checkout), Shipping API ( DHL, FedEx, UPS), Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) etc. If you have any further questions regarding API Integration Services Let me know.

Half of SMB’s Increased Their Productivity After Integrated Woocommerce with Quickbooks Online API

connect woocommerce and quickbooks api integration services-satva solutionsConnect WooCommerce with Quickbooks Online APIs

Integrate WooCommerce with QuickBooks Online API and completely automate your eCommerce Business or CRM. Never manually enter invoices, customers or products again. By this integration, your business productivity can save up to 160+ hours per month.

How WooCommerce Integration with Quickbooks API Helps to Your Business?

When a product’s stock level is updated in QuickBooks Online, I want:

  • To update the stock level in WooCommerce

For all products created or updated in WooCommerce, I want:

When an order is placed in WooCommerce, I want:

To add or update a Sales Invoice or Sale Receipt in QuickBooks Online


  • Additionally, the following will happen:


-Associate the Sale with the Original Customer or the Customer’s Organization or a single Online Sale Customer

– Create the associated product(s) in QuickBooks Online

– Add the payment in QuickBooks Online

Integrate with your other online stores (e.g. Quickbooks, SalesForce, nopCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, ZOHO Books, ZOHO CRM, Freshbooks, payment3dCart, Amazon, eBay, Google, HubSpot, and much more ). And all the services you use to run your eCommerce business, including fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, CRM and email marketing. More than 30+ of the leading services are supported.

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What Satva Solutions Offers as a Quickbooks API Integration Company?

Satva Solutions, Well known IT company offering quality work in .NET websites and mobile app development company based in India. Satva owns Quickbooks API experts team, especially for world-class advance services which can assist your online business to grow by two-step at a faster rate.


Over 5 Million Small Businesses already Enjoying FreshBooks Integration Services


How FreshBooks integrations will help your business?

While FreshBooks Integrations helps with a number of your business needs like client Invoicing, Expenses and Time tracking, but still maybe you wish something more. Something that might facilitate your business become even a lot of economical. Searching for a much better way to track mileage? Or smoother payroll functionality? Sending your shopper’s stunning emails?

You are on right place!

With the FreshBooks integrations, you’ll be able to connect your account along with your favorite apps, which implies that your business can run faster and easier –  to get FreshBooks integrations with your application like Quickbooks, SalesForce, nopCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, ZOHO CRM, 3dCart, Amazon, eBay, Google, HubSpot, and much more.  

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Finally, What are the advantages for your business?

Customer Management

Do you business Need facilitate managing your contacts? however, about making certain your client engagement is as high as possible? These apps can help you out.


Marketing Add-Ons are all regarding finding new ways that to grow and connect together with your customer base.

Client Support

Provide stellar support to your Clients. integrate FreshBooks with apps like these which will turn you into your clients’ support extraordinaire.

Expense Tracking

Facilitate with receipt storage! Daydream concerning a simple thanks to tracking mileage? You can take benefits of expense tracking using these apps.


Suppose you live in North America and need to trace and generate pay stubs for your payroll! You’ve found the proper app section to explore.

Project Management

These Add-Ons offer a cooperative environment for you, your coworkers and your shoppers to work on projects a lot of with efficiency. If you would like a hand with the organization, these apps can prevent many headaches.

Time Tracking

Integrate with FreshBooks, Time tracking feature is very helpful, your business would possibly benefit from something a lot of tailored to your distinctive workflow. Explore these apps for a lot of details.

Lead Capture

You’ll be able to simply capture your Client’s data and forms to make Invoices in FreshBooks Software.

Online Payments

As of all known, one in all the many advantages of FreshBooks helps you get paid quicker. Take a glance and explore integrations which will create it happen.

What Satva Solutions Offers as a FreshBooks Integration Company?

Satva Solutions, Well known IT company offering quality work in .NET websites and Rest API  Integration company based in India. Satva owns API experts team, especially for world-class advance services which can assist your online business to grow by two-step at a faster rate.

Why Every Online Business Needs Rest API Integration Services?

Rest API Integration Company

Hello Entrepreneur,

This article is for, A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

What if everyone in your sales team had a complete, consistent view of your customers? They can. We already have the solution.

Why you should know about API Integration Services?

There is no need to state that APIs Integrated systems are everywhere – That’s obviously in 2017. There is a large number of the so-called Rest API Integration solutions, where API Integration is treated like a full-blown IT programmable technology. Today’s eCommerce Websites, Mobile apps, Cloud-based applications are in all these areas, Integrated APIs solution is standard means to share assets with other apps and systems.

What is The Purpose of Rest APIs Solution?

It’s abundant established that back-end APIs are much in demand currently, however, what precisely drives this demand? in line with survey results, the foremost necessary purpose of APIs is healthier ability between teams and tools/systems. Boosting product/service functionality is the second most typical reason for using APIs. 42% users apply APIs to shorten the entire software system or mobile app development cycles, whereas 38% individuals rely on APIs to bring down development expenses. API tools also are widely used for social integrations, as marketing channels, and for collaborating with external organizations.

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What is The Trend for API Integration?

Here, Below report from Google Trend Search. Clearly stated that API Integration evolution is increasing day by day for every eCommerce, retail, medical, transport, shipping industries.


What Satva Solutions Offers as an API Integration Company?

Satva Solutions, Well known IT company offering quality work in .NET websites and mobile app development company based in India. Satva owns API experts team, especially for world-class advance services which can assist your online business to grow by two-step at a faster rate.

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